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Welcome - Bienvenue - Bienvenidos

Welcome to Smart Play's new website and store!

Smart Play is now pleased to offer our full range of educational toys for your review and you can now purchase products directly on this site. All of our branded products - Animal Planet, Dora the Explorer and Ingenio are available now.

ANIMAL PLANET: Animal Planet is a widely popular brand that inspires kids to let their imaginations run rampant. The new Animal Planet toys and games allows your child to go on a safari or underwater adventure--without leaving home. Animal Planet toys will allow your child to explore their "wild" side. Our extensive toy collection ranges from Electronic learning toys to flash cards to puzzles. We hope that your child will enjoy animals as much as we do..

DORA THE EXPLORER: We offer three electronic learning toys that bring out the best in Dora and her adventures. The toys help children learn new skills and have fun while doing so. All Dora toys are bilingual, just like Dora.

INGENIO: Our educational toy brand "Ingenio" continues to offer new opportunities for children to become bilingual. We believe that the best time to learn a second language is during the early years when a young mind is most open to language acquisition. Children are naturally inquisitive and open to new ideas and languages. We hope that our bilingual toys can help foster your child's curiosity and help introduce new languages.